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Adam Alexander

Adam Alexander is a film-maker and gardener. He has been growing fruit and vegetables since a boy and organically for nearly fifty years. Although a professional horticulturalist in the seventies, for forty years he produced both ethnographic TV programmes as well as popular series about food and gardening. Adam is a passionate advocate of the conservation of genetic diversity and the importance of indigenous food culture. Since the late eighties he has built a library of some 500 varieties of rare and endangered vegetable varieties, many of which he has discovered on his travels making films. These are grown out for seed and shared with other growers. Adam has grown out seed he brought from Syria in 2011 which is now being grown by refugees in gardens and allotments in the UK, northern Europe and Canada. Adam is a Trustee of Garden Organic and a Seed Guardian for the Heritage Seed Library for whom he grows a dozen or more varieties a year. His mantra is Sow, save, share, savour.

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