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Andrew George

Andrew agrees that food is complicated. He likes to cook – and he loves to eat – but  what’s on the menu?  Beginning with where to shop: the cheap supermarket, the Turkish grocer, or the shiny organic store, he is conflicted.  And he hasn’t even looked at a single label on the back of a product yet.

Andrew is getting tired of making consumer choices that seem to place him in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” scenario, where he ends up feeling guilty for some aspect of injustice that the majority of food is tainted with.  To ease his conscience and reduce the amount of choice in his life, he dumpster-dives (or “skips”) most of what he eats. With some friends he even started a community restaurant and food-waste re-valuing project Guerrilla Kitchen, whilst living in Amsterdam.

After two and a half years on the other side of the planet, Andrew is now on his way home to Australia.  There, he wants to encourage and empower people to plant fruit and nut trees, as a direct and positive action that nurtures awareness, whilst giving to a future from which we only seem to take.

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