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Dave Mountjoy

Dave Mountjoy is a cattle breeder living in the foothills of the French Pyrenees, near the town of Mirepoix. He farms organically on 100 acres of oak woodland and flower-rich meadow, where he breeds Galloway and the locally native Casta cattle.

The cows are raised as naturally as possible, which reflects his passion for nature and the natural world.

Born in west Worcestershire and raised in the countryside, he spent much of his childhood and adolescence on his mum’s family farm. Before and after university, he travelled widely and in particular to Uganda in East Africa, where he participated in biodiversity expeditions into the country’s remaining wilderness areas. He also conducted research into the traditional healing remedies and techniques used by tribal people in rural areas.

Later, he explored much closer to home, in his work as a volunteer for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

After qualifying as a Primary School Teacher, he continued to wander, working in schools in Norfolk, Wiltshire and eventually back home in Worcestershire.

Now he has settled in south-western France, in the mountainous department of Ariège and as well as raising cattle, offers meditational retreats and guided walks on the farm.


Facebook page for the farm:

Landline phone number: 0033 [0]5 61 67 38 58

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