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Felia Boerwinkel

Felia Boerwinkel works at Hivos, where she coordinates the organisation’s Food Change Labs. In her daily work, she focuses on strategy and process; defining what are the best ways to facilitate local change processes and foster (policy) innovation in the food domain.
The Food Change Labs are a collaboration between Hivos and the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED). Currently in Uganda, Zambia, Bolivia and Indonesia, they are multistakeholder platforms that combine thinking, relating and doing. Recognizing complexity, Change Labs take a systems approach and focus not only on ‘tangible’, imminent results (such as new infrastructure or policy), but also on intangible or unpredictable outcomes: new capacities and skills, increased trust and collaboration and new knowledge and learning. Apart from working in Food, Felia is also involved in the Hivos-IIED Energy Change Lab in Tanzania. Living up to Hivos’ philosophy, the Labs look for ways to include citizens’ voices and make the food and energy system work for all.

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