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Heritage Grain Trust

The Heritage Grain Trust (HGT) is a not-for-profit organisation formed to encourage the production and use of heritage grains.

The HGT has been formed with the aim of developing a new approach to growing grain for human consumption, one that encourages resilience in the face of climate change and reduces the loss of biodiversity that occurs with intensive grain production. We believe that a genuine grain revolution is required in arable farming based on the growing of genetically-diverse populations of heritage cereals using agro-ecological methods.

We believe that British farmers can produce all the grain needed to feed the UK by growing heritage grains in ways that improve soil health, increase biodiversity, and sequester climate-destroying greenhouse gasses.

We will work to achieve this change by supporting educational programmes that encourage the production and use of heritage grain using low input production methods such as undersowing cereals with nitrogen-fixing clover, direct drilling and Continuous Organic Grain Cropping (COGC).

We will work with partners who share our goals, and help support the development of a heritage grain network that links local producers and consumers, and brings heritage grain products to everyone regardless of income.

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