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Joel Salatin

Joel Salatin works alongside his wife Teresa, son Daniel, daughter Rachel, daughter-in-law Sheri, apprentices, interns, rental farmers, staff & animals to manage Polyface Farms in the Swoope region of Virginia, USA.

Joel wows packed audiences of all walks of life wherever he goes with his version of what he calls ‘Agritainment’. Joel has been labelled ‘The World’s Most Innovative Farmer’ by Time Magazine and is the author of 8 books, countless articles, and has led seminars and courses with tens of thousands leaving changed in the way they eat, farm and live.

Joel’s most recent title is ‘Folks this Aint Normal’ is a best seller and further expands this Heinz Award winner’s profile and message across the world. A man who truly walks his talk is a must-see wherever he goes with his capacity to communicate the means by which consumers can engage with farmers and how farmers can take control of not just production but also processing, distribution and marketing.

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