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Lizzie Rowe

Lizzie’s passion in life has always been the natural world. Her fascination for nature led her to read Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, specialising in Zoology; then combining her love for animals and science she carried out a PhD in Clinical Veterinary Sciences in the Animal Welfare and Behaviour research group at the University of Bristol. She has worked for a number of animal welfare charities, before returning to academia, briefly at the University of Oxford and then back at Bristol Veterinary School, where she coordinates a project that aims to increase the proportion of animals farmed to higher welfare standards. Lizzie wants to live in a world where all animals used for food have a good life and a kind death, and where our food is produced in a way that protects the planet and all its inhabitants. She was therefore thrilled to join the SFT team in 2020, to help coordinate their work on the harmonisation of on-farm sustainability assessment, as well as contribute to research and communications activities.

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