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Nena Johnson

Nena Johnson has worked in the good food and farm movement since 2004. As part of the leadership team at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture in New York, Nena spent nine years working to connect the public with where their food comes from – and the people who grow it.

In 2008, she founded the Growing Farmers Initiative and the Young Farmers Conference at Stone Barns – programmes focused on training and supporting the next generation of agriculturalists. Annually, the YFC draws hundreds of farmers from over 30 states and five countries for practical workshops, community-building, and policy discussions. In 2013, she left New York for the Andes of Ecuador, to oversee her family dairy farm, managed remotely by Nena and her two brothers.

Since October, she’s been pursuing an MBA in Advanced Farm Management at the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester, UK, and is about to begin a dissertation on the issues facing young farmers in the UK. She’ll put that degree to use eventually, but for now, she’s enjoying the English countryside and finding out what makes the movement over here tick. Nena also contributes the occasional article to Edible Manhattan and Edible Brooklyn.

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