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Rachel Dring

Rachel’s on a mission to help urbanites eat more sustainably. Apart from a few teenage years spent in Hong Kong, she’s a born-and-bred Londoner, dedicated to making a difference in her capital city.

In 2013 Rachel founded Crop Drop – a local organic veg box scheme. She’s also a cake maker for a London vegan café and a freelance writer.

She ditched a 10-year career as a youth arts producer to explore a new path paved with food! In response to a growing realisation that we are trashing our planet, she pulled her head out of the arts and plunged into piles of books about climate change and sustainability. She learned that our eating habits are the number one contributor to climate change, and promptly became a vegan. Surprised by how rewarding vegan cooking can be, Rachel then ventured out to work as a cook in various London restaurants, cafes and pop-ups before deciding to set up Crop Drop in her home borough.

Her writing’s an outlet for sharing the journey of discovery and research into sustainable eating. She aims to enlighten, inspire and hopefully entertain.

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