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Samantha Andrews

Samantha Andrews is a marine conservation biologist/ecologist. She holds an MSc in Marine Environmental Management, an Advanced Graduate Diploma (3/4 of a Masters) in Fisheries Management, and is currently undertaking a PhD focusing on marine spatial management for conservation and sustainable ocean use. She has worked closely alongside Government, NGOs, and the fishing industry to help improve the ways in which we interact with the ocean

When she is not doing science, she works as a marine science communicator. As well as writing for a variety of publications, she has done radio interviews, public presentations, public workshops, mentored school kids on their science fair projects, and worked alongside schools and youth groups to bring kids of all ages outside so they can explore and learn about the coast and the ocean first hand. She also sits on a working group for the Canadian Network for Ocean Education (CaNOE) and the Society of Conservation Biology’s Marine Education Committee. She regularly blogs on her website The Hobo Scientist and on social media, and can be found Tweeting @hobosci.

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