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Tracy Worcester

Tracy Worcester is a former actress and environmental campaigner. She actively supports efforts to shift ideas of ‘progress’ and ‘development’ away from the dictates of banks and giant corporations who put economic growth before the well-being of people and the planet.

Tracy believes that one vital way to return power to citizens and communities is by supporting informed shopping and banking choices. To this end she has been networking, fundraising and producing films to promote local, sustainable economies, particularly in relation to food.

Her hard-hitting documentary Pig Business investigates the rise of animal factory production and focuses on the US-based multinational company, Smithfield Foods, the largest pig producer and processor in the world. It reveals the dark underbelly of factory pork production – the mistreatment of workers, the pollution that sickens local residents and poisons watercourses and the sea, and the appalling conditions in which the pigs are confined. It tells the story of the expansion of Smithfield into Poland where they bought 33 state farms for what their CEO described as ‘small dollars’. In Poland, as in the USA, Smithfield operated with an eye to profit with very little consideration for local residents, the environment or the welfare of their animals.

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