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The Harmony Project

The Harmony Project is a collaborative project focused upon three main areas of work: Harmony, in Food and Farming; Harmony in Education; and Living in Harmony.

The Project was originally inspired by HRH, The Prince of Wales’s book Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World, which reminds us of some profoundly important truths, namely that everything in the universe is connected and balanced by universal laws and relationships, which express themselves everywhere and in all things, manifesting in the laws of physics, the solar system, in the shape and growth patterns of plants, in the beauty of nature, in music, in architecture and in food and farming.

Within the past year the Project has had quite an impact, with the SFT’s highly successful Harmony in Food and Farming Conference held last June at Llandovery in Wales and attended by over four hundred people from around the world and from many different sectors and activities. It included a keynote speech given by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. We also hosted a session at the January 2018 Oxford Real Farming Conference focused on harmony in food and farming, and held a harmony-inspired two day event at Dumfries house in May.

Under the guidance of Richard Dunne, and building on his experience as Headmaster of the Ashley Church of England School in Walton on Thames, we have continued to spread and share Principles of Harmony in primary school education, both with other schools and with teacher training colleges. A Teachers Guide to Harmony in Education has recently been published. The school also began the first of our Harmony and Education research projects, including a case study of the ways in which the Harmony Principles have been brought to Ashley School and what can be learnt from this.

Harmony Principles







Geometry and Beauty


Under the area of Living in Harmony, a selection of essays has been gathering together, that explore principles of Harmony across a wide range of subject areas and will be used as examples of harmony in theory and in practice.

The Harmony Project is in the process of establishing a new website, which will present each of the three main areas of work in further detail.