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Food waste

The True Cost of American Food – Food Waste

What are the wider costs of food waste on society as well as the environment and how can we collectively move forward to solve this problem?

Chaired by Twilight Greenaway, managing editor of Civil Eats, this expert panel discussion from our True Cost of American Food conference begins with some hard hitting facts and figures on the global cost of food waste from Nadia Scialabba of the FAO. Dana Gunders, author of the Waste Free Kitchen Handbook, gives an overview of the situation in the United States and shares a new campaign from the National Resources Defense Council, which aims to educate consumers on how they can waste less in their own homes.

Dana Frasz of Food Shift, shares some of the challenges and opportunities of wasted food and the realistic strategies to improve food recovery, and Mary Risley outlines some of the difficulties faced by food banks in dealing with fresh food based on Food Runner’s work of redistributing edible food in San Francisco.