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East of England Farming Conference 2018

In light of recent reports revealing the catastrophic decline in wildlife, oceanic warming and irreversible climate change, Patrick Holden asks, “Is it possible to farm in harmony with nature, to maintain the natural and human capital that we have the responsibility to maintain on our farms, and be economically viable?”

At the East of England Farming Conference 2018, Patrick argued that “if we want to achieve the mainstream change in our food systems which is necessary to avoid a breakdown of our planetary ecosystem, we have to tackle the primary problem, which is the absence of a business case for farming in a way which looks after our natural capital, allows us to farm in harmony with nature, and produce enough food to feed a peak population in a sustainable way.”

Innovation in the Costs of Catering conference, March 2018

Patrick speaks about the need for radical change in our food system at the Innovation in the Costs of Catering conference, Bristol City Council, March 2018.

TED talk, 2013

Oxford Real Farming Conference, 2016

Watch highlights from our session on mixed farming and our session on true cost accounting at 2016’s Oxford Real Farming Conference.

Patrick looks at the meaning of well-being through the prism of food, farming and health.

Edward and Nancy Dodge Lecture, 2015

In November 2015, Patrick delivered a talk on “Soil, Food and Health” at the Bloomberg School at the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future’s 16th annual Edward and Nancy Dodge Lecture. The address focused on the need for agriculture to shift its focus from chemistry to biology.