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Faces of the food and farming movement

We're delighted to share with you portraits leading thinkers and voices of the food world that were taken during...

Chantal Brown

Chantal Brown, reared on farms in New Zealand is now settled in the UK as an independent conservation and...

The Food List: Antibiotic free

Richard Young and Nicolette Hahn Niman discuss antibiotic resistance and what it means to produce livestock ethically

Volunteer opportunity on Scottish smallholding

This is an exciting opportunity for someone to experience living and working on an organic smallholding in a beautiful...

A Good Life and a Good Death: Re-localising farm animal slaughter

A new report from the Sustainable Food Trust (SFT) finds that the UK’s network of small local abattoirs is...

For the love of bread

Alicia Miller explores what baking her own bread means to her, with it's connections to family, heritage and health

Gay Kenney Browne

Gay Browne is an environmental advocate, humanitarian, and is the founder of Greenopia: a comprehensive guide to over 110,000...

Stewarding the land

SOIL provide opportunities for aspiring, young farmers in Canada to spend time on an already established farm

Kim Stoddart

Kim Stoddart is the editor of The Organic way magazine and writes for a number of national publications on...

Say yes to local food

Start a Food Assembly and source local food directly from the farmer, by cutting out the middleman