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Food For Life Partnership

The Food for Life Partnership improves the health and wellbeing of children and their families by transforming school food culture. Far more than a school meals programme, it harnesses the expertise of the four partner organisations (Soil Association, Health Education Trust, Garden Organic and The Focus on Food Campaign) and uses food as a way to improve the whole school experience.

With farm visits and practical cooking and growing, Food for Life make lunchtimes a more positive feature of the day. Some schools use the programme as a vehicle to boost attainment or tackle inequalities, while others value the impact it has on encouraging positive health and wellbeing. It has also been used to build links with the wider community.

In all schools, the focus on ‘pupil voice’ means that pupils take ownership and decide their own priorities. The Food for Life Partnership has this transformational impact in the schools and communities it works with because it gives pupils, teachers and community groups the confidence, resources and training they need to lead the change themselves. The achievements of schools are recognised in an award scheme that gives them a motivational framework for continuous improvement. The achievements of caterers are recognised by the Food for Life Catering Mark, a Soil Association accreditation scheme for all caterers that put quality first.

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