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Natural Beekeeping Trust

The honeybee is a crucial pollinator of both crops and wild plants. Yet, throughout the world it is beset with difficulties and is in decline.

Globalised intensive food production is a major factor behind this decline: mainstream farming and beekeeping treats the bee as a mechanical cog in the agro-industrial machine.

The Natural Beekeeping Trust was  founded in 2009 with the purpose of countering this approach.  The charity’s aim is to show both the public and beekeepers that the bee is a complex creature in its own right.  It is a keystone in, and bringer of life to, the whole ecosystem.

We believe that it is entirely possible to develop methods of keeping bees that allow this vital creature to thrive and prosper.  But to do so we must first understand the essential needs of the bee rather than focusing on ever more intensive production by the beekeeper or farmer.

The Natural Beekeeping Trust advocates low interference bee husbandry without the use of chemical treatments and has developed into a major voice for what has become commonly known as ‘natural beekeeping’.

Regular courses and workshops are given in Sussex and Oxfordshire as well as talks and lectures across the country .  The Trust also works alongside major environmental groups on matters of honeybee health in the wider countryside.

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