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Nourish 9 Billion

A joint initiative of the Biovision Foundation and Millennium Institute, Nourish 9 Billion is the public outreach arm of the global initiative IAASTD Rio+20. As such, its advocacy and campaign efforts are aligned with the principles and public policy recommendations spelled out by the World Agricultural Report, a document carefully researched and penned by an international panel of 400 experts (IAASTD), and endorsed by 59 governments in 2008 with no impact to date on public policy. Nourish 9 Billion aims to foster a civic movement through informing, educating and supporting the participation of citizens-consumers to an action network. The objective is to become powerful enough to enroll elected officials and policy makers into committing to sustainable agriculture, including shifting regulation in order to support small family farms and local foodsheds.

In Europe, Nourish 9 Billion has been coordinating a campaign launched jointly by several European youth networks to mobilize citizens in support of a fair and ecological agrarian reform. It has been supporting a similar campaign in the United States of America, with a petition that is designed to put an end to the destructive practices of the American agriculture industry, and to pave the way for a new system to emerge.

Transforming agriculture and the food system through public policy is a massive task. Nourish 9 Billion is looking forward to finding partners who will take this initiative to their country or region, and grow the movement there.


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