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Safe Food Foundation

More research is needed on the effects of GM on our health and the environment. The Australian organisation, Safe Food Institute and Foundation, is currently campaigning for farmers’ rights against the contamination of their properties from GMOs.

The Safe Food Institute and Foundation were established in Australia in 2011. The Safe Food Institute was established to conduct high quality research into issues of food safety and quality. Together, they work in partnership to promote awareness of the health, social, economic, and environmental effects of food production and consumption.

Currently they are campaigning to support farmers’ rights against the contamination of their properties by genetically modified organisms (GMOs). They are funding the disbursements in a landmark legal case for a Western Australian farmer who lost his organic certification after his property was contaminated with GM canola from another property. If this case is won, then non GM farmers will have some demonstrated degree of protection under common law. If the case is lost, then we will be forced to suffer GM contamination. Another major campaign is also underway to challenge to the safety of GM wheat scheduled to be first commercialised in Australia.


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