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Summer of Soil

Summer of Soil is a 5-week, multi disciplinary accelerator program designed to awaken and inspire a collaborative movement to rebuild and maintain living soils. The FAO, European Union and others recognise the importance of soil and warn of the negative influence of unsustainable agriculture and soil management on the health of our soils and food security. 99% of our food comes from our soil, of which 25% has already been degraded to the level where it can no longer support food production. The soil needs our help!

The program will include a series of hands on soil related courses, offering a variety of opportunities to explore and experience different aspects and ways of working with soil and food production. In addition, there will be keynote events, excursions and film screenings. There will also be an exhibition of regenerative growing practices and the 5-day Living Soil Forum, which aims to accelerate the international collaborative movement to steward our soils by bringing together farmers, retail, government, academia, civil society and youth.

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