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Triodos are a different kind of bank. They’re one of the world’s leading sustainable banks and they only lend their saver’s money to people and organisations who are working to make the world a better place. And because they promise to always let you know where your money goes, you’ll know that your savings are being used in a responsible way.

Triodos has a simple business model, it only lends money entrusted to it by savers and investors, to entrepreneurs that it knows well. As well as actively seeking out and promoting sustainable, entrepreneurial businesses driven by values and ideas – businesses like Ecotricity and the Soil Association. Triodos believes that sustainable banking depends on trust, so it publishes details of every single organisation it lends to; which means savers and investors can see exactly how it’s using their money.

So if you’re looking for a way to save without compromising on ethics whilst still getting a good return on your money, then switch to sustainable banking with Triodos. Whatever you’re saving for, they’ve got an account to suit your needs – from tax-free ISAs to easy access online savings and from fixed term Bonds to children’s savings accounts.

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