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Urban AG

Urban AG is a social enterprise registered as a Community Interest Company. Their mission is to promote urban agriculture (UA) as it seeks to become a mainstream contributor to the food supply within the UK and are launching this effort in the North West of England.

They believe that the coordination and spread of UA schemes can address a number of critical issues for contemporary society, such as: food security, economic and social development, climate change mitigation, as well as diet and health. In order to realize these objectives we must prioritise work with disadvantaged and marginalised communities whose resources and capacity bases could be significantly enhanced through UA schemes.

Urban AG sees its role in promoting structures and strategies to assist the processes of job creation and revenue generation as vital. Achieving this by developing partnerships and alliances among food producers, and subsequently between producers and the market. They act as consultants, project managers and capacity builders, promoting sustainable and economically viable UA projects. Currently, they are working with a public transport authority making connections with peri urban farmers and urban communities. They’re also working with a university to develop UA related research questions for Masters students.

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