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Episode 14: With Huw Richards

In this week’s podcast, Patrick speaks with young gardener Huw Richards, who tends an 11 acre plot in West Wales and shares his growing experiences with a large online audience.

In 1999, when Huw was 9 months old, he moved with his parents to a smallholding in Mid-West Wales to pursue the goal of self-sufficiency. From an early age he would help his dad grow organically produced fruit and vegetables in their kitchen garden. At age 12, Huw was inspired to create a YouTube channel to document what he was doing in the garden and had a goal of getting more people to experience the joys of homegrown produce. Fast forward a few years and he now has over 40 million views on his gardening videos which are dedicated to empowering people to grow their own food, as well as an author of two published gardening books.

Huw shares what led to his childhood passion for growing, his ambition to “make food growing less complicated” and his belief that “seasonal and local diets are the most sustainable”. “If you have a health soil, you’ll have a healthy plant, and a healthy stomach” Huw explains.

Over the past few months, Huw has seen an upwards surge of interest in growing, in particular “younger people are curious about how their food is produced and where it comes from”.

When asked what his one piece of advice for budding young growers would be, Huw said, “find other people of your age who have similar dreams and ideas…knock on farmers lands and ask for a corner of a field in exchange for a weekly veg box…or find a niche and specialise in something that’s not already being done”.

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