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Episode 7: With Josiah Meldrum, Hodmedods

This week, Patrick is joined by Josiah Meldrum, co-founder of East-Anglia based Hodmedods, a company who are known for their UK grown grains and pulses, but who are also pioneers of food resilience, advocates of a return to long-forgotten crops and initiators of innovation in kitchens across the country.

Hodmedods was born out of many projects working to improve food provision for the communities around them, but was most inspired by a challenge presented to the team: would it be possible for Norwich to feed itself from its hinterland?

The answer led to many revelations, including the importance of beans for both diet and environment, but also a realisation that beans have long been stigmatised, and that attitudes to diets needed to change.

The company now produces 500 tons of beans a year, selling to shops, restaurants and direct to consumers through their website. Josiah believes their model can be ‘scaled up, not out’, if the rest of the UK were to enjoy beans and pulses in the way the people of Norwich do.

Josiah explains the need to create new narratives around food, and explores the issues of using carbon as a measure of sustainability in farming. He explains that businesses are keen to be part of the solution, and explores the barriers to change, and how they might be removed.

Did Norwich make it to self sufficiency? And what exactly is a fava bean? Listen to find out

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