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Episode 9: With Andy Cato

Andy Cato in field of wheat

We’re breaking with our usual podcast schedule to bring you this episode of the Sustainable Food Stories podcast.

Andy Cato found fame in 00’s electric pop duo Groove Armada. Stalwarts of the festival scene, Andy’s fans would have been more likely to associate his presence on a farm with an appearance at Glastonbury festival, but when he learnt about industrial food production, he decided he no longer wanted to depend on a system he didn’t believe in, and his journey into agriculture began.

Now nearly two decades on from selling his publishing rights to buy a farm, Andy leads Wildfarmed, which aims to reduce barriers to entry for farmers wanting to transition to regenerative ways of farming, education outreach and consumer awareness.

Patrick and Andy discuss the different methods they use for agricultural success, agreeing on the part livestock has to play but questioning how the needs of a farm in west Wales differ from one in Oxfordshire.

You can find out more about Andy’s work on the Wildfarmed website.

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