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Morwenna Lewis

Senior Finance and Administration Officer

Morwenna has been part of the SFT team since May 2015. She is the office manager with all round mother-hen type responsibilities; making sure that everything runs smoothly from book-keeping to chimney sweeping, from staff well-being to technical over-seeing. She loves the variety and the people-focused nature of the job.

Morwenna has worked in a variety of spheres, spending the first part of her career working in the arts, before retraining as an environmental professional and spending a number of years providing behaviour-change and carbon consultancy services to the public sector in Scotland.

In 2011, feeling a growing sense of frustration with the mainstream winds, she threw off the bowlines and began a year of volunteering on organic farms, visiting intentional communities and cooking for permaculture and deep ecology courses. During this time she discovered Eco-Psychology and is now training as an eco-psychotherapist. She holds a deep belief that if we re-connect to the earth and its cycles we will find personal healing, and the motivation to create the new paradigm we so dearly need. 

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