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Morwenna Lewis

Finance and Operations Manager

Morwenna has been part of the SFT team since May 2015. Her role involves management of the SFT’s finances and systems, and ensuring that all other aspects of the SFT’s core operations run smoothly. She enjoys the overview of the team’s work that her role affords, and loves the team of people that she is lucky enough to work with.

Morwenna has worked in a variety of spheres, spending the first part of her career working in the arts, before retraining as an environmental professional and spending a number of years providing behaviour-change and carbon consultancy services to the public sector in Scotland.

In 2011, feeling a growing sense of frustration with the mainstream winds, she threw off the bowlines and began a year of volunteering on organic farms, visiting intentional communities and cooking for permaculture and deep ecology courses. During this time she discovered Eco-Psychology and is now training as an eco-psychotherapist. She holds a deep belief that if we re-connect to the earth and its cycles we will find personal healing, and the motivation to create the new paradigm we so dearly need. 

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