Costing the impacts of food waste

by Nadia Scialabba

Nadia Scialabba is a Senior Officer of the FAO unit entrusted to streamline environmental and sustainability perspectives throughout the food and agriculture sector. She has been in this role, with increasing responsibilities, since 1985 and was pivotal in coordinating the organisation’s contributions to the Earth Summit in 1992 and Rio+20. On the occasion of these two major events, Nadia brought about Chapter 14 of Agenda 21 on Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (SARD), the initiative Greening the Economy with Agriculture (GEA) and more recently, the Guidelines for Sustainability Assessment of Food and Agriculture systems (SAFA).

During her career, Nadia has led several interdepartmental working groups on interdisciplinary topics, including: participatory approaches to development, integrated coastal area management, livestock and the environment, small islands developing states, food security, climate change and bioenergy, organic agriculture, and more recently, full-cost accounting in agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

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