Ecosystems to food systems services

by Pavan Sukhdev

As an environmental economist, Pavan Sukhdev helps governments and corporations discover, measure, value, and manage their impacts on natural and human capital, through his consulting firm GIST Advisory.

Pavan was appointed to lead The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity,  a global initiative to determine the value of our ‘ecosystem services’ to the economies they serve. Their report found that we were losing $2-4 trillion worth of natural capital, comparable to the losses during the banking crisis, with bees and other pollinators alone worth around $190 billion.

Pavan was also a Visiting Fellow at Yale University, where he was awarded the 2011 McCluskey Fellowship and wrote his book “Corporation 2020”. Earlier, he was Special Adviser and Head of UNEP’s Green  Economy Initiative, and lead author of their report “Towards a Green Economy”. In 2010 and 2011, Pavan was a speaker at the World Economic Forum meetings at Davos. He serves on the boards of Conservation International and the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

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