Who we are

The Sustainable Food Trust was founded in March 2011, by the former Director of the Organic Soil Association, Patrick Holden.

After working for more than 20 years to develop and grow the organic sector, Patrick was looking to start a new kind of organisation, one which would enable all farmers, scientists, citizens and policy-makers to transition towards systems of food production that don’t do damage to the environment, or our health.

Awarded charitable status in August 2012, the Sustainable Food Trust is reliant on the advice and expertise of our board, and the donations and support of the public to carry out our work.

The Sustainable Food Alliance is the American 501c3 partner charity to the Sustainable Food Trust. To find out more, visit www.sustainablefoodalliance.org.

Board of directors


Thomas Harttung


Christina Lee Brown

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George Kailis

Peter Segger

Peter Segger


Patrick Holden

Patrick Holden


Richard Young


Erica Davies


Claire Peeters


Ellie Athanasis


Adele Jones


Megan Perry

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Alicia Miller

Hannah Steenbergen

Hannah Steenbergen