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Film: Kentucky, 2013

In April 2013, the SFT convened a meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, with leaders from across food, farming, funding and policy organisations to discuss the potential for an international collaboration on the topic of True Cost Accounting.

What is true cost accounting?

This short film from our first True Cost Accounting meeting in Kentucky asks ‘What is true cost accounting and why does it matter?’

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Patrick's blog

Returning from Kentucky, SFT Chief Executive, Patrick Holden wrote a blog about the meeting, using the true cost of cheap chicken as an example of food system economics gone awry.

The true cost of cheap food

Patrick Holden examines the true cost of a cheap chicken and asks what can be done to rebalance our distorted economic playing field?

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Film: HRH Prince of Wales

In May 2013, the SFT helped to convene a European meeting of organisations with a role to play in supporting the True Cost Accounting agenda. In Langenburg, the Prince of Wales questioned our ‘aggressive search for cheap food’.

Langenburg speech

Prince Charles calls for True Cost Accounting during his speech at the Langenburg Forum. Watch his talk in full

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Podcast: Holden versus Humphrys

In this lively podcast, Radio 4 broadcaster, John Humphrys, takes on SFT Chief Executive, Patrick Holden in a debate about the genuine impacts of our cheap food choices. Inevitably, sparks fly as these two battle it out…

Debating true cost accounting

Patrick Holden is challenged by the formidable John Humphrys to explain what he means by ‘true cost accounting’ and why people should care

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London, December 2013

Over 3 days in early December 2013, the SFT convened an international symposium on the topic of True Cost Accounting.

Commencing with a 2 day workshop meeting, and ending with a public conference at the Royal Geographical Society, we explored the wide range of ‘externalities’ (impacts) associated with different systems of farming.

This meeting, attended by leading scientists, funders and policy advocates from around the world, was the beginning of a truly international True Cost Accounting initiative.

True Cost Accounting conference film

This short-film gives you a flavour of the diversity of the discussion that took place

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A message from HRH Prince of Wales

We are delighted to share a message from the Prince of Wales, lending his support to delegates of our True Cost Accounting conference

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Watch the conference

The links below take you to uncut footage of the workshops and conference sessions across all 3 days of the event. You can review and experience the whole thing, as if you were there in person.

To see the individual presentations from speakers at the public conference, please click here.

True Cost workshop videos

Watch all of the workshop sessions from across our two-day London symposium

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True Cost conference videos

Watch the full, unedited version of all the talks and panel discussions at the public conference

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True Cost images and graphic harvesting

We have put together a selection of photographs, which capture the creativity and conversation from across the event

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Film: Lexicon of Sustainability

The Lexicon of Sustainability project make short-films, using beautiful graphic imagery, to explain complex food and farming terminology. In this film, they help us to understand what True Cost Accounting is all about and how it affects our lives.

The true cost of cheap

Explaining the hidden costs and understanding the impacts of our cheap food choices

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Blog: Paying for our cheap food choices

Following an email which asked ‘How can anyone argue that food is too cheap, when the price of food is going up?’ SFT Comms Director, Aine Morris, wrote this blog explaining the impacts of our cheap food choices.

Paying for our cheap food choices

Why the outcome of True Cost Accounting should be food democracy and not consumers priced out of eating well

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Urgent Recall: The true cost of food

Stephen Devlin introduces a recent report by the New Economics Foundation examining the state of the UK food system

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Letter to political parties: Protect natural capital

A group of organisations has called on the main political parties to do more to protect our natural capital

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The real cost of food

A new report from Food Tank shows why understanding the real cost of food is an essential prerequisite for sustainable food production

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