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Our work


To support our theory of change, the SFT works in three areas:

Leadership and Collaboration – Influencing individuals and organisations in leadership positions

Research and Policy – Using sound evidence to advocate better policy and practice

Communications Encouraging and empowering individual and collective action

We use our influence to advocate food production systems that are diverse and integrated, those that work with natural systems and obey the law of return so they can be truly regenerative to the earth, and its plants, animals and people.

To this end, we are currently focusing on a number of key themes and issues, that each have a unique and crucial role to play in increasing understanding or creating more sustainable food systems:

The True Cost of Food

Sustainable Livestock

Sustainable Food and Healthy Diets


Principles of Harmony, Health and Education

We also cover a wide range of additional related topics on our website, including climate change, food waste, aquaculture, global perspectives, water and social justice and food ethics.