About this event

Over half of the world’s habitable land is now farmed, placing farmers at the frontier of regenerating nature, climate and health.

The lack of a holistic language for farm-level sustainability is a major barrier to enabling more sustainable food and farming systems. It has resulted in significant costs to the environment, increased workload for farmers, and a policy and economic landscape that rewards unsustainable intensification of agriculture.

The creation of a transparent food system that supports farmers in the delivery of public goods depends on a common measurement of social, environmental and economic outcomes.

But how do we measure on-farm sustainability in a way that is rigorous, consistent and useful to farmers, as well as the wider food and farming system?

Exploring the Global Farm Metric

This session examines the merits and complexities of measuring farm sustainability. Patrick Holden, founder and Chief Executive of the Sustainable Food Trust, will begin with a reflection on the current state of farming and the challenges farmers are facing.

You will then hear from the Global Farm Metric team, who have just launched the latest iteration of their outcomes-based framework for measuring farm-level sustainability. The framework enables farmers to understand the state of their system in a way that is robust, holistic and independent of any particular farming philosophy.

They will take you through some of the key indicators that need to be monitored for sustainability and explain how the Global Farm Metric can enable more informed and transparent decision making in the food and farming system.

The session will close with an audience-led discussion, offering you the opportunity to ask questions and find out more.

Who is this session for?

This session is FREE and open to all (booking is required). Those who will find it particularly relevant include:

  • Farmers and land managers
  • Farm consultants and agronomists
  • Food and farming professionals
  • Sustainability professionals
  • ESG and reporting specialists
  • Agriculture and sustainability policymakers
  • Agriculture and sustainability students and educators
  • Members of the public with an interest in food and farming issues

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Find out more about the Global Farm Metric at www.globalfarmmetric.org.

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