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Write for us

The Sustainable Food Trust is a leading voice in the field of sustainable food and farming. Our increasingly popular, international website enables us to debate and discuss the key issues concerning how we will feed ourselves in the future.

With a focus on celebrating positive and inspiring developments, we publish a wide range of content designed to raise awareness of how the food we eat is produced, what the critical issues are that we all need to know, what we can do to make a difference and how to make our collective voices heard.

In a century where climate change will challenge our very ability to grow enough food for everyone, what’s on our plates will make all the difference to how we address these challenges. Help us get to know our food by pitching engaging, significant, well-researched pieces for the website.

This is what we’re looking for in a pitch:

  • No more than two paragraphs on the story or issue that you want to write about. Make sure they are concise and clearly tell us what you’re interested in – we need to understand immediately what the story or issue is, so don’t waffle around in the first sentence.
  • Be clear about whether your piece is a profile of a person or project, an opinion piece on our food culture or food future, or a well-researched feature on the problems we face, or potential solutions in practice.
  • Why will people want to read your piece? What makes it important and relevant? Be specific.
  • What are the key points you want to cover? How will you evidence it? What material will you draw on? How long will the piece be?
  • What makes you the person to write it?
  • What makes it a good piece for the SFT? Take a look at our key issues and see whether your piece fits within our areas of work.

And a couple of other things we want:

  • You must have a good understanding of grammatical structure.
  • You must have enough attention to detail to proof read your piece before you send it to us.
  • You must write accessibly and engage people with your writing – we want people to enjoy reading your piece. No academic essays please, but we do want pieces with depth and substance. Will everybody understand your piece, even if they don’t have a food/farming background?
  • Send us a short piece of your previous writing with your pitch. It doesn’t have to have been published, but published work is preferred.

Finally, if you want to write for us, take some time to get to know us and read what we publish!

If you’re interested in pitching an article, please contact Megan Perry.