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Farming and Brexit

Since the referendum in 2016, Brexit has thrown the UK and beyond into political chaos. The uncertainty it has generated is felt particularly in agriculture and food, where funding, regulation and trade are all intrinsically linked with the EU at present. The questions that arise and the proposals for the future are being debated at length, from farmers and consumers, to policy makers and big business. On this page you can find more information about farming and Brexit, including viewpoints from those directly affected.

The devolved administrations

Agriculture is a devolved competence in the UK. While Westminster sets policy for England – Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland can develop their own. Each of these devolved administrations have different farming landscapes and economies, different problems and concerns, different priorities and proposed solutions. Britain has always been diverse and with strong devolved identities. Now, these are coming to the fore. But there are lots of similarities and common ground too, and Brexit, while potentially disastrous in many respects, is also affording the opportunity to put forward radically new ideas.

What next for British agriculture: Farmers and food businesses reflect on Brexit

With Brexit dominating the headlines in the UK and generating huge debate in the food and farming industry, we want to find out how farmers and food businesses across the country are feeling about the future of UK agriculture. What threats and opportunities do they see? Has their perspective changed since 2016? What specific issues are their businesses facing, and what has the UK Government done to address those concerns? We’ve invited farmers and food businesses across the UK to share their thoughts.