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Harmony in Food and Farming

The Harmony Project is a collaborative project focused upon three main areas of work: Harmony in Food, Farming and Health; Harmony and Education; and Living in Harmony.

The Project was originally inspired by HRH, The Prince of Wales’s book Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World, which reminds us of some profoundly important truths, namely that everything in the universe is connected and balanced by universal laws and relationships, which express themselves everywhere and in all things, manifesting in the laws of physics, the solar system, in the shape and growth patterns of plants, in the beauty of nature, in music, in architecture and in food and farming.

Food, Farming and Health

The principles of harmony go right to the heart of the SFT’s core educational purpose as it tackles what we believe to be the primary root causes of the industrialisation and globalisation of food systems. These systems have had catastrophic impacts on the life support systems of the planet, based as they are on a reductionist mindset that has led humans to separate themselves from nature and to exploit it for their own gain.

Harmony reminds us that to make sense of the world in which we find ourselves, we should take account of fundamental laws, which lie behind everything we experience.

Three of these laws are mathematical, and express themselves in nature: for instance, the Fibonacci sequence which informs aspects of the growth of plants; the mathematics of harmonic principles behind the musical scale; the golden ratio, which we can find everywhere and which Georgian architects used in designing the proportions of rooms, doors and windows in their buildings; the so-called ‘sacred geometry’ which enabled great Gothic cathedral builders to construct churches that influenced the state of those that visited them.

Within the past year the Project has had quite an impact, with the SFT’s highly successful Harmony in Food and Farming Conference held last June at Llandovery College in Wales, attended by over four hundred people from around the world. The conference touched on a multitude of themes beginning with the principles themselves and extending to the circular economy, the farm ecosystem, the integration of food production and nature conservation, the role of education, science and spirituality, harmony in farm architecture, and the role of faith communities in farming, to name but a few.

The SFT also hosted a Harmony session at the January 2018 Oxford Real Farming Conference, and held a harmony-inspired two-day event at Dumfries House in May.

In the meantime, we continue to work collaboratively with others across various fields of work to encourage the practice of harmony, with a particular focus on farming methods.