COP27 is set to be a critical moment for global climate solutions, as thought leaders, CEOs and activists from across the world travel to Egypt for a fortnight of discussion, commitment and promise.

The SFT team will be joining the conversation in person, with updates shared on our social channels. Here’s some of our top picks for the event – many of which you can watch online.

Monday 7 November

3:45 – 5pm

Goals House fireside chat with Rt Hon Baroness Scotland

Goals House will be sharing all their coverage of COP27 on their YouTube channel.

Tuesday 8th November

9 – 9:45am

The Dairy Dilemma, hosted by Tortoise Media

People in the rich world eat far more meat and dairy than we need, more than is good for our waistlines or the planet. There is widespread awareness of the climate impact of beef, but less scrutiny of dairy.

How do we scale back the global north’s outsized meat and dairy industries? How can farmers be incentivised to care for nature rather than maximising food production? What technology and policy changes can help slash methane emissions from agriculture, a major driver of climate change? How can we make sustainable nutrition accessible and affordable for all?

Wednesday 9th November

10:20 – 11:05am

Cropped Out: Farming in an Age of Insecurity, hosted by the New York Times

Food production is expanding. But so is undernourishment. In 2021, 193 million people were food insecure, even as the production of potato, wheat and rice crops reached an unprecedented 9.3 billion metric tons. Conflict, Covid and climate change have been widening this gap considerably. In India, a brutal heat wave recently ruined the wheat crop and led to a ban on wheat and sugar exports. Many fear that rice and potatoes will be next. Under the increasing strain of droughts, flooding and supply chain issues, how can farmers protect their yields? How can new techniques and finance schemes ensure farmers’ self-sufficiency, crop variety and cash flow? How can farming communities in vulnerable regions sustain themselves in the future?

5:30 – 8pm

Rewiring the Global Economy to Deliver A Net-Zero Economy, hosted by HSBC and Financial Times

In order to solve the climate crisis and achieve net-zero ambitions, every major sector of the global economy will need to transform. It’s estimated that US$120trillion of global financing will be needed to deliver a net-zero economy by 2050. So, what can we do to unlock this capital and transform the real economy?

Saturday 12th November

5 – 10pm

Regenerative Agriculture Solutions

SFT CEO Patrick Holden will be speaking at this event in the Green Zone, with presentations beginning at 7pm.