Action Against TTIP achieved enormous success on 11th October when the Europe Wide Day of Action Against TTIP organised 400 actions in 22 countries. From a press conference on the tiny island of Malta, to marches in Finland, from a rally in Parliament Square, London, to wood chippers in Berlin, the Day of Action (#O11DoA) showed clearly that European citizenry reject TTIP and demand adequate transparency.


A small team that had organised itself at the 2nd Multi-Sectoral European Civil Society Strategy Meeting on TTIP, held in Brussels in mid-July, ran the co-ordinating website, which crashed on 10th October due to an unexpected amount of hits – over 220,000 in a few hours. German TV gave good coverage to the Day of Action, and while BBC coverage did air, it was largely uninformative, and marked the BBC’s first mentions of TTIP. The London contingent of this Europe-wide action held speeches at Parliament Square and exhibited one of the biggest banners ever made by a grass-roots movement. Later they made a short march through the streets to Westminster Bridge, where they dropped the massive banner for a photo opportunity that was tweeted extensively (Hands Off Democracy #noTTIP). Social media buzzed with news and images from actions across Europe. Earlier that day 38 Degrees had co-ordinated an extensive decentralised action consisting of petition signing and leafletting stalls all over the UK. What 11th October has shown us all is that it’s possible to mobilise the public using creative outreach, sound logistics and social media.

One of the sorest points for the Action Against TTIP movement has been the secrecy in which the agreement is being negotiated. October saw the earliest draft made public. This is a hard won victory – but the campaign still has a long way to go. There is a self-organised European Citizens Initiative that needs your vote. The current number of signatures stands around 750,000 and the goal is 1,000,000 – sign the initiative now if you haven’t already. Occupy London, World Development Movement, 38 Degrees, Friends of The Earth and War on Want have played a major role in mobilising the UK public against TTIP. Stay tuned into their websites for more activities where you can voice your thoughts about the implementation of this free trade agreement.

The next date to watch out for is 19th December when an action is being organised in response to the European Summit 2014 being held in Brussels.

Have a #noTTIP top day!

Featured image by Garry Knight

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