At the end of April, the SFT were extremely pleased to host the first of our public lectures on sustainable food issues, with pioneer-farmer and mob-grazing advocate, Joel Salatin.

On the third-leg of his European tour, Joel was enthusiastic to share with a UK audience the reality of being a pioneer farmer, and the degree to which farmers who are trying to produce in the right kind of way, are locked out of access to the market.

In a talk that covers everything from agricultural crop insurance, to the importance of good bacteria, Joel asks why everything he wants to do is illegal, and ponders what kind of world we are living in when doing the natural thing is considered a dangerous liability.

Following his talk for the SFT, Joel delivered two days of practical agriculture training at the Cowdray Estate in Sussex, hosted by Regen AG UK. The links below provide a range of educational resources, videos and blog-posts that resulted from his teaching:

Joel addresses UK parliament 

Joel talks with Andy Goldring about mobile farming

Why is Polyface farm so successful? – Permaculture Magazine 

Workshop notes and educational resources  from Milkwood

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