The importance of small and medium-sized family farms should not be underestimated. Family farms make up over 98% of farm holdings and are responsible for at least 56% of agricultural production, a stark comparison to their industrial counterparts, who use 70% of agricultural resources to provide just 30% of the world’s food.

2014 marks the International Year of Family Farming, which aims to raise the profile of small scale and family farming. Family farms provide more than just food, they play an essential role in protecting biodiversity, increasing our food security, conserving local ecosystems, improving nutrition, boosting local economies and preserving our soils. The goal of the IYFF is to create a shift, repositioning family farming at the centre of agricultural policy making, to ensure that they receive the attention and support that they deserve.

To celebrate, our friends at Food Tank have produced the video below to draw attention to all the ways that family farmers are contributing to a more secure and sustainable food system.

Feature image by Johanan Ottensooser

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