In her recent SFT article comparing large- and small-scale farming, Sally Geislar found that “we lack simple tools to compare systematically and scientifically the relative impact of farming at different scales”. Furthermore, many online tools that can be used by farmers to manage their operations are not designed with small farmers in mind.

Farmbrite is an online farm management system that was built by small farmers, specifically for small farmers. It is the brainchild of the owners of Never Summer Farm in Colorado, who used the experience of managing their own small farm to develop the system: “We believe that your time is best spent in the field or with your customers and that good software should get out of the way and help you be more productive.”

The online and mobile-enabled tool allows users to keep better records of their activities, optimise crop production, track income and expenses, manage animal husbandry, receive weather updates, track important contacts and more.

The dashboard is separated into six easy-to-manage sections, which include:

  • Calendar: Manage appointments using the online calendar.
  • Animals: Keep track of animals and livestock by recording genealogy, health records and medications.
  • Crops: Track the performance of your fields, gardens and crops. Once you have added a specific field, you can then include details of the different plants that are being grown within it and how well it is performing overall.
  • Equipment: Manage your tools and equipment, with the function to record notes and track service and maintenance.
  • Income and expenses: Record any transactions to better manage your farm’s finances.
  • Contacts: Organise and keep your contacts all in one place.

You can try Farmbrite out with a 30-day free trial. If you want to continue the service you can then sign up for just $9.99 a month.

Photograph: USDA

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