After last month’s words from farmers around the world at Slow Food Terra Madre, we are now back on British soil with stories from Perthshire to Devon. We start on the west coast, with Sustainable Food Trust’s Founding Director, Patrick Holden.

Patrick tells us about how he makes the most of the by-products from his dairy farm thanks to local producers Illtud & Leisel, and explains the positive effect transparent pricing could have on all farmers.

We hear about a great little trick for soil testing on the cheap – the TBI – from systems thinker Dr Tom Powell. He used this technique over widespread locations for the Field of Wheat  project earlier this year, comparing underground activity in the soil.

feeding-chickensWe are in Shropshire to find out about some of the ups and downs of WWOOFing from Barbara Jones at Babbinswood Farm. WWOOF UK celebrated its 45th birthday a few weeks ago and it’s great to hear about the contribution WWOOFers have brought to Barbara’s farm and what she has been able to offer them in return.

Finally, we get a collection of dispatches from the first Scottish Farmhack organised by Common Good Food, an experience that sparked people’s excitement to share ideas and visualise ways to co-create tools – including the innovative concept of 3D printing to manufacture parts on demand with the community minded MakLab.

Thanks to this month’s contributors Carolin Goethel at Food Assembly, Abi Glencross at Future Farm Lab, Keesje Crawford-Avis at The Burmieston Project and Abby Rose at vidacycle tech (and Farmerama).

Photograph: Clementine Sandison

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