Farmerama is a podcast sharing the voices of small-scale farmers from the UK and beyond. We weave together a collection of anecdotes and experiments from the front line of farming, from making biochar to add to the soil, to innovative small-scale business models. We capture people talking about the ‘nitty gritty’ of their project – what they are doing and what works or doesn’t work, what makes their actions different and maybe what they wish they could do, or how other people could get involved.


The podcast is put together by Jo Barratt, IndieFarmer’s Nigel Akehurst and myself. Nigel grew up on a farm and can be found there most days, while my family became farmers ten years back and Jo grows some tasty veg in his back garden. Our diverse group brings together different perspectives with the hope of making the podcast relevant to everyone. 

This month, January, is the month when farmers, growers, scientists and industry experts from around the country gather in Oxford to discuss what’s next in how we nurture our land and provide food for people.

Two conferences happen at the same time in the same city, the more conventional Oxford Farming Conference, and the Oxford Real Farming Conference (ORFC), which is focused more on agro-ecological farming methods.

We of course opted for the latter, so join us this month as we unfold new dialogues and build bridges at the ORFC. Patrick Holden, of the Sustainable Food Trust, presents a field-guide to the conferences. We follow farmer Peter Lundgren and artist Anne-Marie Culhane through their rather unconventional art project – ‘A Field of Wheat‘ – sowing the seeds for new dialogues between farmers and other folk.

Ben Raskin, of the Soil Association, uncovers a CSA that is being established in the grounds of a hospital, while Peter Brown, director of the Biodynamic Association UK, talks about one solution for removing cover crops, without ploughing – meaning that they meet minimum till and the soils rejoice! All along the way we sing the songs of the land led by Robin Grey of 3 Acres and a Cow, intermingled with the lovely lone voice of one CSA farmer singing his version of the alphabet.

You can listen to the latest episode on our site or download it from iTunes here. You can also keep up to date with the latest from us on twitter, instagram or Facebook.

Photograph: Steph French

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