How do we feed urban communities in a sustainable way in the face of climate change, ecological crises and fossil fuel depletion?

Growing Communities is a community-led organisation based in Hackney, which is providing a real alternative to the current damaging food system.

Over the past 10 years or so, they have created two main community-led trading outlets – an organic fruit and vegetable box scheme and the Stoke Newington Farmer’s Market. These harness the collective buying power of our community and direct it towards those farmers who are producing food in a sustainable way – allowing those small-scale farmers and producers whom we believe are the basis of a sustainable agriculture system to thrive. Growing Communities believes that if we are to create the sustainable re-localised food systems that will see us through the challenges ahead, we need to work together with communities and farmers to take our food system back from the supermarkets and agribusiness.

They grow salad for the box scheme on our urban market gardens which are located in Clissold Park, Springfield Park and Allens Gardens in Hackney, North London. They also have a starter farm in Dagenham, East London. 

In this video, their Dagenham farm was just a seedling project. Meet the team, hear about their business model and see how far they’ve grown. 

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