How do we alter our daily lives and make small changes that support sustainability? By focusing on everyday activities, Consensus, an Irish based research project, explore solutions for sustainable household consumption, looking at transport, food, energy and water.

Out of 1,500 people that were surveyed by Consensus, over half said that they wanted to lead more eco friendly lives. However, this concern didn’t necessarily translate into action. So what’s preventing more people from living the good life?

Part of the problem is that we feel trapped in our daily routines, which often don’t prioritise sustainability. By taking a broader approach to understand the drivers behind our everyday habits, Consensus have been able to identify a host of opportunities relating to how we meet the needs of eating, washing and heating in more sustainable ways, whether it be through policy, technology or educational interventions.

The next phase of work will aim to establish ‘Living Labs’ in Irish households, where participants will trial new, sustainable ways of washing and eating. For example, householders will be encouraged to test the latest water meters and low-flow technologies. To encourage sustainable eating practices, new-to-market composting tools, smart food apps, and grow-your-own kits will be provided to participants, who will be encouraged to share their experiences in real-time on social media. To find out more about their work, watch the video below.

Photograph by Vincent Brassinne

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