Photograph: Keynsham Wombles

At the Oxford Real Farming conference this year, the Sustainable Food Trust hosted a thought provoking session on the use of plastics within the food supply chain.

As recent studies suggest consumers are becoming more concerned about avoiding plastic than they are about price, can small businesses be nimble enough to take advantage of this new consumer awareness?

During the session, panellists discussed packaging which reaches consumers and how a move to avoid plastic might affect farm businesses? The panel also discuss farm plastic waste – what are the problems and how can they be resolved?

Chair: Adele Jones, Sustainable Food Trust


Erica Davies, Keynsham Wombles and The Sustainable Food Trust

Guy Singh-Watson, Riverford Organic Farmers

Robyn Copley-Wilkins, Riverford Organic Farmers

Stuart Roberts, National Farmers Union

Patrick Holden, Sustainable Food Trust

Photograph: Let Ideas Compete

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