Our attitudes to food consumption and food production are at odds with the impact they’re having on the environment. How can we make sure that we’re able to feed an ever-growing population in a world with a changing climate, shifting seasons and huge inequality?

In this podcast, TEDxBristol take a look at the issues we face, both as a planet and as a society and meet the change-makers in our community of Bristol and South West UK, who are pushing the boundaries and helping to create a more positive future.

Environmental campaigner Natalie Fee interviews Patrick Holden, about the impact that farming practices are having on the planet.

Patrick says, “We are living beyond the capacity of the earth’s resources to sustain us.” But citizens have the power to bring change, “If you think of the food system as one enormous organism, we are the cells. And as you know, a healthy organism needs healthy cells.” We therefore need a ‘cellular revolution’ where each of us makes a pledge to buy sustainably. “Our buying power is a force that can change the food system. If we change, they change.”

Patrick also talks about how supermarkets are in a “race to the bottom” on price, but that the apparently cheap price of intensively produced foods “is a lie.” We need a system of true cost account where the polluter pays for the damage they do, which, currently, society is paying for in hidden ways.

The podcast also features Lettus Grow, a Bristol startup developing indoor farms using aeroponic technology. Steph Wetherell of the Bristol Food Producers network talks about the things we can do at a grass roots level. And Jennifer Best and Ben Pryor, co-founders of Poco Tapas talk about why locally-sourced ingredients are so important to them.

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