I made a list to myself over the New Year of the most important actions I could think of to further the mission of the Sustainable Food Trust during 2012, here they are:

  1. I will do all I can to ensure that SFT emerges as a small, but dynamic organisation that helps to accelerate the changes we need in our food systems.
  2. We will launch our website within the year, which we hope will offer a facility for everyone in the wider food movement to become more connected through sharing ideas, opinions and activities, thus inspiring more people to do the same.
  3. Through my blog, I will share my experiences on the farm, keep a record of my activities with the SFT and offer my opinion on key issues affecting the food movement.
  4. We will build partnerships with like-minded organisations across the world. Rather than replicate the work of others we will always seek to cooperate, enabling and supporting the aims of our partners.
  5. We will invite food movement leaders to share their ideas with us on our web platform. We believe this could help in publicising key issues and inspiring citizen action.
  6. We will draw attention to key issues, highlighting either the damaging outcomes of the present system or the benefits of the sustainable alternative. We will base everything we say and do on good science, and will not be afraid to speak out in advance of definitive evidence if we believe it to be in the public interest.
  7. We will seek to build consensus with individuals and organisations playing leadership roles across the whole of the food movement, in recognition that the challenges we share are becoming ever greater than the issues that divide us.
  8. In spite of the negative carbon footprint, I will continue to travel to support the mission of the SFT. I believe that the benefits of building cohesion in the food movement will more than repay the carbon debt.
  9. We will listen to what you think and stay true to our commitment that SFT should be an alliance of citizens and organisations that share the objective of building more sustainable food systems globally.

I look forward to reporting on the progress we make on each of these areas during 2012.

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