The Lexicon of Food is a new online encyclopaedia that unmasks the true meaning of sustainable food, term by term. Set up by those who brought us the Lexicon of Sustainability, it encourages us to learn about who makes our food, what’s in it and how it reaches our plate, so we can all take part in transforming the food system.

Arranged alphabetically, the website has a detailed list of terms and themes often used in conversations about food sustainability. Each of these is accompanied by a definition from a leader in the field, information artwork and a list of related articles. This lexicon is present across the site, with certain words highlighted in a green box on each page. These words are clickable, which helps you discover new terms and delve deeper into a topic.

A whole section is dedicated to short films designed to change the way we look at food. The Story of an Egg explores terms such as ‘cage free’, ‘free range’ and ‘pastured’, and challenges the clever marketing practices that often confuse consumers wanting to purchase ethically and sustainably produced food.

The Lexicon of Food is also a community where individuals, thought leaders, organisations and companies can create a profile, list their interests and share relevant content. By subscribing to these profiles, you can follow the people and terms you are most interested in. This also includes access to the news feed, which features food news from across the web.

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