Do you think you’re savvy to food marketing manipulation? Not fooled by the ‘100% natural’ or ‘farm-fresh’ reassurances on your labels?

We are very proud to share this brilliant new film from SFT partner, Compassion in World Farming. Never shy of telling the raw truth, this film encourages us to all take a look at the food choices we make, and the extent to which we are prepared to look the other way and believe the marketing hype of the big food companies. The reality of the story behind much of our food, would make even the most disinterested eater think twice, yet despite most of us knowing that cheap meat comes from very unhappy animals, we are prepared to look the other way and think only of the impact on our individual pockets. In an age of iphones, computer games, gym memberships and 2-car families, why do we pretend that we don’t have a few extra pence to put an end to the incredible cruelty of factory farming? It’s time to take a long hard look in the mirror. We need to ask ourselves where our priorities lie. When society becomes immune to the cruelty of animals and is prepared to look the other way, we also become prepared to look away from a whole range of other social injustices. As the saying goes, ‘evil prospers when good men do nothing.’

Contains scenes of a disturbing nature.

Please share your comments below and follow the link at the end of the video to help stop the spin.

Feature image by Compassion in World Farming

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