Farming and Climate Change: Measuring Success

We stand at a critical moment in history for food and farming.

During the last century, our extractive farming practices have depleted nature and brought us to the brink of a planetary emergency, resulting in climate change, catastrophic biodiversity decline and a crisis for public health.

Now, a global economic recession, triggered by the current pandemic, could lead to a race to the bottom of cheap, unhealthy food.

Yet knowledge, practice and public awareness of regenerative farming has grown, uniting food system stakeholders from all over the world in an effort to heal our ecosystems and transition towards more sustainable farming practices.

With half of our land used for agriculture, the actions of farmers, retailers and consumers alike will determine whether we pass on a liveable planet to future generations. But how can we build a more sustainable farming future together?

This is an opportunity to transform the role of farmers globally, supporting them as stewards of nature, climate and health. It requires redesigning our businesses and industries, away from systems based on extraction and growth and towards approaches based on the principles of regeneration, sustainability and the circular economy.

Following the mantra, ‘you can’t manage what you can’t measure,’ in order to make this transformation possible we need to develop a harmonised way of measuring the impacts of our farming and food systems. A new common language and a universal set of clear targets is needed to monitor progress and assess the sustainability of the whole system.

We are delighted to be convening a new coalition working locally and globally which has the potential to make this vision a reality.

As part of our TEDx Countdown event on Thursday 29th April, you will hear from leading and inspiring thinkers about why they are part of this growing coalition, how farming can be part of the solution and why a global sustainability metric is essential in our fight against climate change.

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If we are to step back from this tipping point, we urgently need engagement and action from all the key players in the global food community – including citizens. 

We hope you’ll join us. 

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